Something has happened to the Facebook feed and the way it works on your desktop. I’m not sure how long it has been around but it goes a long way to suggest video is the future. We all know about the 8 Billion views a year Facebook were touting a couple of years ago. We also know that these figures included every little glimpse of a video as it scrolled past your eyes in your feed. Sound on or off it was counted.

What has changed recently is the way Facebook delivers video in your feed. Great news for those of us int he industry as the audience gets a second chance to watch your video whilst continuing to scroll through the feed. In short, here is what happens when you see a video in your feed. You have two options:

Video autoplays with sound on facebook

  1. Click on the video and it will go full screen (well almost) and let you watch it close up in more detail with sounds. At this point, you lose sight of your feed and have to return to the feed using a back button.
  2. If you click the volume button to hear the sound, you have essentially told Facebook you want to watch the video. Follow this up by continuing to scroll past the video and it will suddenly reappear on the top left-hand side of your screen. Still playing and with sound, so you can continue to watch life’s dribble pass you by and enjoy a video at the same time.

Let me know what you think of this little addition and where it points to in the future. All things have a reason and Facebook is a great one for crawling slowly then suddenly jumping up and running in front of our eyes. We try to keep you up to date with changes to Facebook and other channels because it means you might want to think about the content you create and how it fits in with different platforms.

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