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We thought we would share with you some of our favourite “how to” videos. There is no need to look much further than the world’s biggest search engine to understand how you can benefit from using video to explain a complex product. For the last decade Google have provided all of us with a free tool that allows us to find products, information and entertainment at the click of a button.

What lies behind their search engine is a very complex set of algorithms and some seriously clever people (possibly the biggest understatement ever made). Have you ever wondered how it all works and would you have the time to try and understand the complexity of it? We know we would struggle if it wasn’t for the quality of their YouTube videos. Some of these are serious, some have humour and quite a few are just simple stories told in an engaging way that pull at your emotions.

If you have ever read Contagious by Johan Berger you will know that emotional arousal has been proven to encourage sharing. So why not watch take a few minutes, prepare for some emotional tugging and watch a selection of our favourites….

 No1: Parisian Love (2009)


A search Love Story that allows your imagination to run wild, the only action takes place in and around the Google search box, but you quickly get the picture.

No 2: Andrew Willis, Skatepark Engineer (2013)


A truly engaging customer story of how search enabled Andrew Willis to achieve his dreams that changed the face of his community.

No 3: How Search Works (2010)

Matt Cutts, the face of search explains how Google indexes the web in 3 minutes. A pretty good feat if you think how complicated the subject matter is. It is also worth noting how simple the animations are, no 3D computer generated CGI, just a well thought out animation that cuts no corners and makes it easy for even the simplest of minds to understand.

The fun ones:

No 4: Introducing Google Nose (31st March 2013)


April fools when google introduced Smell Search.

No 5: If Google was a Guy (2014)

No 6: Google Analytics In Real Life – Site Search (2012)

My personal favourite, Google Analytics using humour to explain how they read keywords and Milk Skimmed Semi is not the same as Semi Skimmed Milk.




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