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Did you know you should ensure your video can be found easily both on YouTube and Google’s organic listings?¬†YouTube is a search engine in its own right but plays by a slightly different set of rules. Unlike Google search which stopped using metadata and keyword tags years ago. YouTube still admits to using Tags as a way of identifying the content of your video.

This book covers other simple ways to increase the performance of your videos, like how to add the transcript of the video to the description box in less than a minute. Want to know more, then download the book NOW.

As a marketing manager, sometimes there is just never enough time to discover everything you need to know about YouTube. You spend a lot of time and money producing quality videos as part of your marketing campaigns. When the agency sends the final version over, what do you do with it? A lot of time-strapped¬†marketers will give it to someone else to upload to YouTube. Quite often this is without much thought or understanding of what you can achieve with YouTube’s free tools.

In this Ebook we share with you our YouTube tips, on how to make the most out of your videos, including how to add calls to action at the end of each one. Did you know you can send viewers on to your website or guide them on to your next video in the series? Download the Ebook and find out how to improve the chances of your video being found in search by adding your own transcript into the description box.

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