We are always banging on about how much we like customer referencing¬†videos and customer feedback, especially when you use video. A couple of weeks ago we helped show SME’s in Dorset how to use their own equipment to generate digital content. As a result, some of the attendees were willing to give us a few minutes of their time to talk about the experience and what they thought they gained from the training.

Event Video Capture

This was a really nice way to round off the training because it offered us the chance to demonstrate in a live event environment how easy it is to capture client feedback, especially at an event. When a lot of your clients are in the same place, why not grab each one in turn and ask them for feedback in front of the video camera. You may find them to be even more keen than normal because they are partaking in your hospitality. You may also be lucky enough to have senior leaders attend your events, who are more than willing to give you permission to publish their thoughts.

It only remains for me to thank the participants for their time and thoughts. If you have an event coming up don’t forget you can capture so much information using video. Not only customer feedback but keynote speeches and promotional material to encourage others to attend in the future by showing them what they missed. Why not give us a call to find out how we can help capture effective video content from your next event.

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We love customer feedback videos, especially our own!
We recently recorded some customer feedback on the training event we ran in Dorset. Here are two of those videos.
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