Sheppy's Cider

Updating Sheppy's Museum Video

Client: Sheppy’s Cider

Type of Project:  To create a new museum video to tell the story of Sheppy’s Cider

Sheppy’s Cider was celebrating their 200th anniversary and as part of their 2020 marketing plan, Sheppy’s contacted us for help with ideas. Part of our content plans was to help them update their museum video as this was the first point of contact for customers attending tours at Sheppy’s.

We held many discussions to help Mr Sheppy tell his story and as a result, we created a charming video that you can watch next time you visit the House of Cider.

We have very kindly been given a fantastic testimonial for our work. Keep an eye on social media as we are creating a number of motion posters for their social media campaigns as well.

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I love it, I have no idea how you did it, but I love it!
David Sheppy

Owner and Master of Cider