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Communication training and expert advice to enhance your business

How well do you communicate with your employees?  Do they know where the company is going, what the company is doing and most importantly do they know you listen and care? The most powerful tool in any company is your staff and we want to help you to engage and empower them.

 Compass Video have years of experience working with companies of all sizes to create engaging and interactive content. Health and safety training, brand awareness, change implementation are all areas where good communication is essential. 

Compass Video can improve your employee engagement by creating communication tools that engage and inspire your workforce.  Video is a very powerful tool that can be distributed to every part of your business for very little cost.  Once created you have content that can go on working for you for years to come.  

Many companies conduct internal surveys to help understand their staff and identify positives and negatives that are affecting they way they work and behave. The results are gathered and action lists created to be implemented by line managers or staff themselves. What happens next?

Communicating the results to staff and board alike is often a challenge. With video, you can ensure the same message goes to everyone at the same time. With the power of smartphones in our pocket, this means the information can be absorbed at any time, anywhere. Read our  Internal Communications blog here to find out what we think.

 As part of our commitment to improving communication both internally and externally we are very pleased to partner with the Naelor Group. The Naelor Group are a team of professional actors and communications experts who share our values and desire to help others succeed.

Together we combine our talents to produce tailored experiences that will connect with your staff and customers. Developing training programmes that will encourage learning through role play and enable your teams to deal with any customers they come across. Compass are there to ensure the event or training is recorded for future use across the business. Meaning you don’t have to take too many people out of the business for training. The new staff and those who missed the event can catch up through the medium of video.

If you have any training needs please contact us now and we can discuss how Naelor Group and Compass Video can help you.

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Customer Reference Stories

Turn your customers into your sales team. Build a customer evidence programme using video stories. authentic and trustworthy your customers can become your biggest source of business.

Corporate video production

Together we can create a showcase for your brand, products and staff. Video has become an essential tool to explain your proposition, especially if it is a complex one.

Event Video production

Increase the ROI on your event, maximise the marketing potential. Create engaging content by broadcasting live or by capturing feedback from your audience at the event.

Software Demonstration Video

If your prospects are looking to see how your software works before or after they buy? Why not create some slick, high quality software demos that will give them more confidence.

Internal Communication Tools

Engage and stimulate your employees with video, we can help you cover topics ranging from health and safety, CSR, pensions to the latest company news.

Animations & Infographics

Animations and Infographics are an effective medium for helping customers absorb large amounts of information in an engaging and entertaining manner. Making it easy to present technical information.

smartphone video training

We can help you make the most out of your smartphone to produce videos that can be used across your marketing channels. 

Training and consultancy

Our consultancy service can help you with your video recruitment headaches or guide you when producing your own videos, offering help with workflow and editing

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Internal Communications
Using video and animation we can help improve your internal communications and increase employee engagement as a result.