A fourth consecutive award win for Compass Video, a leading video production company, is proud to announce its latest achievement – winning the prestigious Corporate Vision Magazine Global Business Award for the fourth consecutive year. This remarkable feat is a testament to Compass Video’s commitment to excellence in the field of video production and its unwavering dedication to helping businesses succeed through innovative storytelling and communication.

Compass Video’s consistent recognition by Corporate Vision Magazine is a clear indicator of its commitment to excellence. In its seventh year, the Global Business Awards continues to showcase and applaud a wide variety of invaluable businesses and individuals. Compass Video’s fourth consecutive award win is a testament to its unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality video content and helping businesses reach new heights.

Keith Seward, Director at Compass Video, graciously states,

“Wow, 4 in a row! Thank you so much, we appreciate the recognition and would like to thank everybody who made this win possible as we proudly accept this award.”

A highlight of some of Compass Videos services;

Business Storytelling

Compass Video’s core specialisation is business storytelling. They understand the power of storytelling in conveying a brand’s message, values, and mission effectively. By creating compelling narratives, Compass Video helps businesses establish an emotional connection with their target audience, making their content more relatable and memorable.

Customer Referencing

In the modern business landscape, positive customer references are invaluable. Compass Video excels at creating powerful video testimonials and case studies that showcase the success stories of their clients. These references not only build trust but also serve as persuasive tools to attract new customers.

Recruitment Support

Attracting top talent is a challenge for any organisation. Compass Video offers recruitment content support that goes beyond the traditional recruitment methods. Through engaging video content, they help businesses communicate their unique culture and values, making them more appealing to potential employees.


In the age of virtual and hybrid events, Compass Video has mastered the art of creating immersive event experiences through video production. Whether it’s a product launch, a seminar, or a corporate conference, their expertise in event coverage and highlights keeps audiences engaged and ensures a seamless event experience.

Internal Communication

Compass Video specialises in producing internal communication videos that keep employees informed, motivated, and engaged. By combining their storytelling expertise with internal messaging, they help businesses foster a sense of belonging and unity among their workforce.

Compass Video’s fourth consecutive award win of the Corporate Vision Magazine Global Business Award underscores its dedication to delivering top-notch video production services. They have established themselves as a reliable partner for businesses seeking to harness the power of video in their communication and marketing strategies. For more information about Compass Video and their award-winning services, contact us today.