• Smartphone Video Training Schedule 1
    Compass Video are City & Guilds qualified trainers and we make every effort to ensure that you will learn new useful skills during one of our workshops. Each workshop follows a similar schedule. Contact us to discuss your training needs.
  • Smartphone Video Training Schedule 2
    We begin each training session by introducing ourselves and finding out a little about our attendees and their business. This way we can adapt the training throughout the day, to be more relevant.
  • Smartphone Video Training Schedule 3
    Following the introductions, we deliver a presentation with useful information and discussion points around the subject. This is to get you thinking about how the training is relevant to your business and how you plan to use your new skills.
  • Smartphone Video Training Schedule 4
    Following the presentation, we demonstrate the training. This is a hands-on demonstration and we aim to enable the attendees to develop their new skills through practical learning. At every stage, we are on hand to answer any questions and go over any points to ensure you understand and practice what you have learnt.
  • Smartphone video training Schedule 5
    Once our attendees have had the chance to practice their new skills, we return to the training. Now we discuss how, if relevant, what other resources are available or what simple additional purchases are available. This discussion aims to highlight how the new skills can be taken further by using additional resources or with simple purchases and we demonstrate some of our recommendations to the attendees.
  • Smartphone video training Schedule 6
    All good things come to an end. We end the day with a Q&A session. Following the training, we email useful PDF tip sheets and offer ongoing support should it be required. Contact us to arrange your next training session.

Compass Video offers the following training workshops. 

  • Smartphone Film making – Learn to make professional-looking videos with your smartphone
  • YouTube Channel Management – Learn how to harness the power of YouTube
  • Open Source Software – Learn what free software is available and how to use it
  • Business Storytelling – What is it and how can it help

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