Corporate Video Production

Selecting the type of corporate video you require depends on the audience and the goals of the business. A customer reference video may come in handy as part of the sales cycle as evidence that your product works. A more traditional corporate video with the voice of the founder or CEO leading the narrative can come in really handy when you want to impress both an internal and external audience. There are a lot of options to chose from and that’s where we come in, as both advisor and producer, Compass Video can help guide you on your journey to the best piece of video content for your needs.

A corporate video may be more about creating content for internal communication, promotional material, board presentations or shareholder meetings. Working together, following the compass process, we will create a plan to develop your project following your guidance and business needs.

The Compass Process

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We tend to plan our videos after a meeting with your team and preferably a site visit to the locations which will feature in the video. This helps us decide how the interviews will interact with the B-roll footage. It is quite often the case that we don’t plan any extra footage until we have completed the interviews. We let the interviewee show us the way. Once we know what will be included by the narrator we can begin to plan the next stage of the process.

A good example of how we work can be found by watching our video for the Gryphon School, Sherborne. As a case study, it is a perfect demonstration of how the interviewee guides the content for the rest of the film. Most video companies will have a storyboard laid out based on what they have filmed at other schools. At Compass Video we believe in backing up the story with visuals that match the content of the interview. As opposed to filming a student doing the high jump who has not featured in the interview process we keep it real and authentic.

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Working Together

Working together we can create a visual masterpiece that covers the whole of you company with you as the narrator. Utilising CGI or animation we can translate complex information and make it easy to understand.


If you are looking for a way to make it easier for the outsider to understand what you do or stand for then consider this as an option. Why not give us a call to find out how we can work together and create the perfect corporate video.

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Customer Reference Stories

Turn your customers into your sales team. Build a customer evidence programme using video stories. authentic and trustworthy your customers can become your biggest source of business.

Corporate video production

Together we can create a showcase for your brand, products and staff. Video has become an essential tool to explain your proposition, especially if it is a complex one.

Event Video production

Increase the ROI on your event, maximise the marketing potential. Create engaging content by broadcasting live or by capturing feedback from your audience at the event.

Software Demonstration Video

If your prospects are looking to see how your software works before or after they buy? Why not create some slick, high quality software demos that will give them more confidence.

Internal Communication Tools

Engage and stimulate your employees with video, we can help you cover topics ranging from health and safety, CSR, pensions to the latest company news.

Animations & Infographics

Animations and Infographics are an effective medium for helping customers absorb large amounts of information in an engaging and entertaining manner. Making it easy to present technical information.

smartphone video training

We can help you make the most out of your smartphone to produce videos that can be used across your marketing channels. 

Training and consultancy

Our consultancy service can help you with your video recruitment headaches or guide you when producing your own videos, offering help with workflow and editing