SMEs across the globe are committing to halve their emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero by 2050 and to operate in a more sustainable way. Compass Video have pledged, agreed and signed up to the SME Climate Commitment

In keeping with our climate commitment and sustainable goals, we agreed to take part in the Green Business Support Survey. This led to a very insightful and interesting discussion about sustainability in the digital content production industry.

The survey was run by Resource Futures on behalf of Somerset County Council with the aim to better understand where business communities are with addressing the climate emergency and to help Resource Futures identify how to offer advice and guidance to ensure that businesses get the support they need in transitioning to a low carbon economy. Somerset County Council has declared a climate emergency and has resources available to support businesses in the region to be more sustainable.


Sustainable business Climate Commitment green earth

Following the completion of the Green Business Support Survey, we received a lovely surprise; We won a £50 voucher to be used at for taking part in the survey. My Carbon Coach offer products, advice and assistance to individuals and businesses to reduce their impact on the planet.

We were very excited to receive our new sustainable travel flasks to keep our coffees warm! Did you know that your used coffee can be recycled into heat bricks? Here are some other ways your business can hit net zero:

  • Measure your footprint;
  • Set a strategy;
  • Reduce your emissions;
  • Reduce your value chain emissions;
  • Track and communicate progress;

more information and resources can be found at the SME climate Hub

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