Want amazing video content? Here is some advice on how to improve your YouTube channel with data to create more engaging and amazing video 

With the endless choices that consumers now have to watch amazing video content, you need to give your viewer, personally relevant content. The viewer demands the power and control of their personal choices and experiences, true for both online browsing and watching content.

80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalised experiences.


If you are not finding the why, start by asking, what is the reason that your customers choose to come to you for your product? You can do this using the many analytical tools that are available for your website and social channels.

When you find out whatever that is, think, WHY do they CHOOSE YOU?

Targeting exact matches is no longer effective, thick broad, think big and avoid stereotypes. For example, thinking about how a gardener will want to buy tickets to a wrestling match or a single, work-from-home mum, who needs £10,000,000 business liability insurance, enables your viewer targeting to be more flexible, personal and relevant.

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An important fact to consider is that advertisements and video content are commonplace. High-quality content that a wide audience can relate to is not.

Using demographic data, you can create video content that is more representative of your actual real-life customers. While it might not necessarily change the core message of your video content (buy this) — understanding who makes up your audience will allow you to create something that speaks to more of them on a much more personal level.

Representation can also mean portraying the many different types of families that exist in real life, which aligns with the fact that interracial marriages are now more common, and more people identify as LGBTQ than ever before.

And perhaps most obviously, it can mean more diverse casting to show that people come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and attitudes.

When looking at demographic data about your customer base, consider how you can use it to make better creative decisions. It can inform everything, from the types of stories you tell to your approach to casting. And it can help determine where your content is best served to reach specific audience segments.

Can you trace what traffic originally came from video-related content? And which videos have received the most engagement? How much of any given video do people actually watch, and does that correlate to actual sales?

Customers who watch multiple videos all the way through your sales funnel could be closer to buying but need that final push. In that case, you can leverage a powerful case study video as the next step in your video strategy.

Adding data-driven, optimised choices to your content production has never been more important to drive results and achieve R.O.I. There will always be a place for emotionally driven storytelling, but how that is used and what content is created will be the difference between success and failure.

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