Top Tips for Producing a Corporate Video

If you consider the modern attention span vs the time it should take to thoroughly communicate a corporate message, one can quickly surmise that planning and producing a corporate video successfully is a challenging task.

Video or Animation in the corporate sector should be able to clearly communicate what a brand is about, the unique value proposition of the product or service, why one business should be considered over another and how a business delivers a quality service. There is more that goes into it, but this is a great starting point and we thought we would create top tips for producing a corporate video to help make your next project a successful one.

Hire a professional

Obviously, we are going to say this, but if you think about it, this makes sense. A professional will make a meaningful difference to your project, from supplying all the high-end equipment to bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge. They can manage the entire process of your project to ensure it is a success. However, if you are not able to hire a professional or can not afford one, we can offer you training in smartphone filmmaking, enabling you to use your phone to make professional-looking videos. Find out more here.

Research, appreciate and understand your audience

Find out why your customers use you, speak to them. Find out how your company or product improves the life of your target consumer. This can help you create story-driven messages that hit emotional triggers to your audiences, improving engagement, interaction and responses.

Be specific, have a purpose for your content

You can make content about anything; this could be a landing page ‘About Us’ promotion video or an interactive video FAQ page. It is vital that you are specific about the purpose of your content. An introduction to the business video should not also try to be a recruitment video. Trying to hit too many targets will lose the attention span of your audience and you may miss that opportunity you were targeting.

Do not over inform or ‘Tell’. SHOW

If it is relevant, show off what your service or product can do. Being visual about your software or product will convey a great deal more information than just talking about it. Without intending to, you might show how you can solve a potential customer’s issue by just showing off your product.

Be real, be human

Your potential customers want to relate to you, your business or your brand. Information, key points or sales pitches are not as important as personality. Become a leader, believe in yourself and your product and share your tips, thoughts and information, related to your offering. Then ask your customers for honest feedback and create content around this. This will lead to creating a transparent business offering that is truly trustworthy.

Emotional connection is the key to being remembered

Making a purchase, contacting a business about its services or subscribing to a subscription service are decisions typically triggered by emotional connections. Highlighting how your business has made a difference; this could be improving a business’s performance, affecting an individual’s life for the better or a customer informing you about the quality of your service and product. Create a story around this to trigger an emotional connection to your business with your content.

Promotion, seeding and managing your content

We often see businesses wasting their investments as they do not know what to do with their video once they receive it. Utilise multiple edits of your final video for different audiences. Post to social media, embed into the website, add to newsletters, add to your Business Profile on Google, adapt for Facebook or Google ads or even create a version to be used for WhatsApp for business. Then when all your hard work is done, measure your video performance across all channels. What impact did it have? did it work better as one edit or another? did it work better on some channels rather than others? What is the audience doing after they have watched? Finally, use this information in the planning of your next content to continually adapt and improve on what you are doing.

We hope you enjoyed these top tips for corporate video production, we are always happy to help with any project. Why not head to OUR PROCESS and download our handy CREATIVE BRIEF template to get you started.

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