There are many types of video we can help you create, ranging from a corporate video to internal messaging to your staff. If you are considering an event why not capture it for those who can’t attend and as a promotional tool for the next one. Is your product a very technical one that needs to be explained in a simpler manner for the less savvy prospect, then why not consider a how it works video.

  • Understanding your business

    If this is our first project with you, we will work together to learn your business, understand your goals and arrange an introduction to all the potential stakeholders.

  • Understanding the audience

    We need to know whom we are targeting with the project, what messages will influence them and where they are going to consume the content. This will influence how we approach the project, key messaging and how the project is delivered

  • Creating the Brief

    You may have a brief ready for us, if not we can use our first meeting to write the brief that will be the guide for the project going forward. This will be agreed by all stakeholders to involve everyone in the process.


  • Get the customer involved

    Now is the time to introduce your customer into the process. From this point on it is up to you how involved you want to be, you can leave the process in our hands or we can continue to work together. We will discuss the story and how we plan to proceed with the creation of your project

  • Locations and Dates

    The client will let us know about dates to access to their facilities, health and safety requirements and who will be involved and when they are available. Our experience and approach avoids unnecessary disruption to your client.

  • Storyboarding

    Now we have all the information, we can start to draft a storyboard. This ensures the project is a streamlined as possible

  • Site visit

    Some projects will require us to work at your location or your client’s location. Should this be necessary we arrange a site visit prior to the filming date.  This enables any questions and responsibilities to be realised.

  • The creation of your masterpiece!

    The Compass process promises a partnership between you, your clients and us. All stakeholders will feel involved and engaged with the project and we have found this enables delivery to be on time and on budget.