We are really pleased to announce the release of two of our latest school video projects. As part of our partnership with the Gryphon School in Sherborne, we have completed a further two new school videos to match the Sixth Form one from earlier in the year. This has been a really fun partnership due to the variety of techniques used to film the videos. This has included getting help from media students who captured a lot of the B-roll for the Sixth Form video. Interviewing some of the most inspiring teachers we have ever met and of course getting students to try and behave normally whilst in front of the camera.

If you are in the marketing department of your school and aware that video might work for you. Then why not give us a call to find out how we can help. As you can see from the school videos above, we can repurpose footage from a single video and edit new versions to suit different audiences. If you are looking to capture new students or gain new members of staff then find out how Compass Video can help you.

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