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Our clients understand the importance of video to achieve business success in today’s market. Sometimes you might not have a budget for content creation, which can be frustrating when you can see the benefits professional content can deliver. This is the moment when you look to reach into your pocket to find your mobile smartphone.

Most people today own a smartphone and know to some extent its capabilities as a video production tool. The latest smartphones have at least two cameras, front and back, some have a light and others even come with a built in editing software. The question is, do you know how to make the most out of your smartphone to produce quality videos that can be used across your marketing channels?

At Compass Video, we have researched and developed our knowledge and understanding into how to get the most out of mobile phone video production. We have developed a series of YouTube videos as a free guide to help others in their smartphone video production. CLICK HERE

As well as our YouTube guide, we are pleased to offer our training seminars that will help you to create a quality video using your smartphone. We will demonstrate how small inexpensive purchases will improve your videos and what software and apps we recommend to succeed.

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HomeXperts – Making the Most out of Mobile Video

The lovely people from Homexperts Purbeck and Poole came on our one-day training smartphone video training course in July this year. We had met a few months previously networking in the local area....
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How to Broadcast Live using Mobile Technology

As part of our ongoing Youtube Smartphone Video Production Training series, we have filmed a new episode about live broadcasting. This time we decided to enlist some outside help to enable us to...
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Free Tracking Tools for your Video Marketing

Measuring the ROI of your Content The need to ensure you aren't wasting time, effort and money with your marketing is essential and being able to measure your success or failure even more so. Before...
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We love working with the NHS

It is my birthday today so I thought I would celebrate something special on the blog, and that is "why we love working with the NHS". Over the past year, we have been helping different trusts...
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Free Windows Screen Recorder – Windows + G

Have you ever wanted to share what is on your screen with another person? There are many reasons to do this ranging from demonstrating software, showing an error in a programme and of course there...
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We love customer feedback videos, especially our own!

We are always banging on about how much we like customer referencing videos and customer feedback, especially when you use video. A couple of weeks ago we helped show SME's in Dorset how to use...
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A Week With Dorset Growth Hub #dipintodigital

This week we have been working in partnership with the nice people from Dorset Growth Hub, delivering digital marketing workshops across Dorset. On Monday we were at the delightful Merley House...
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Mobile Phone Video Training with Home Experts

Yesterday we had the pleasure of Iain from Home Experts Purbeck and Poole undertaking our full day Mobile Phone Video Training. Thanks to the currently hot British weather we were able to start...
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Video Lets you Pitch Perfect Every Time

Video as a Sales Tool Let us assume your company has a team of sales people around the globe, these might be direct employees, partners or part of a distribution network. Whatever the channel they...
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How to Match your Video Content to your Buyer Personas

Video is no longer the emerging trend in digital marketing, it is now the must have piece of content for all serious marketers. If you want to improve the engagement levels of your website creating...
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Customer Reference Stories

Turn your customers into your sales team. Build a customer evidence programme using video stories. authentic and trustworthy your customers can become your biggest source of business.

Corporate video production

Together we can create a showcase for your brand, products and staff. Video has become an essential tool to explain your proposition, especially if it is a complex one.

Event Video production

Increase the ROI on your event, maximise the marketing potential. Create engaging content by broadcasting live or by capturing feedback from your audience at the event.

Software Demonstration Video

If your prospects are looking to see how your software works before or after they buy? Why not create some slick, high quality software demos that will give them more confidence.

Internal Communication Tools

Engage and stimulate your employees with video, we can help you cover topics ranging from health and safety, CSR, pensions to the latest company news.

Animations & Infographics

Animations and Infographics are an effective medium for helping customers absorb large amounts of information in an engaging and entertaining manner. Making it easy to present technical information.

smartphone video training

We can help you make the most out of your smartphone to produce videos that can be used across your marketing channels. 

Training and coaching

We run training courses demonstrating how you can make videos with your smartphone. We can also help with voice and presentation training.

Smartphone Video Training
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Smartphone Video Training
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Compass Video offer full and half day Mobile phone training at our location or in your premises. This is an ideal way to create your own digital video content on a budget. Make the most out of the equipment you already have.