Performance Learning

Do it yourself video production

Client: Performance Learning

Type of Project: Talking Head Video Interview Filmed by Client

Performance Learning is an education company who work with students and schools to enable better results. They use modern technology combined with tried and tested methodology to improve the performance in some of the world’s best and worst schools. For this project, we trained the communications team to film the video themselves.


As part of their work to engage with children and adults in the teaching sector, they regularly use celebrities who have faced a challenging background to tell their story. They also like to use the latest technologies like YouTube to help their clients understand how Performance Learning can make a difference.

The company needed to make a series of videos about their services but didn’t have the budget available for us to do the full production. As a compromise, we spent the day training the team, showing them how to use their own equipment to film the video. They then sent us the footage which we edited into the final production. As part of our different ways of working this is the perfect solution if you need to make a lot of content on a budget.

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