Training and Consultancy

On our journey of discovery since starting the business just over a year ago, we have begun to see a change companies attitude towards video. There appears to be a clear need for more video to achieve business targets both internally and externally. Some companies have really embraced the way video can transform your communications efforts and have a budget set aside for high-end productions, others want to make more but are wary of the in-house skills they have available. That is why we have changed the way we work with some of our clients in order to help them achieve their goals whilst not breaking the bank. We have recently launched our consultancy service to help you develop a workflow when producing in-house or assist you when hiring staff to fill the role of in-house video marketing department.


videographer Recruitment

Sometimes an external agency cannot match the need for an in-house team. The demand to create regular video on an almost daily basis requires an internal resource ready to move at the drop of a hat. That is why we have developed our recruitment services to help you when looking for new staff. There is an obvious weakness in HR departments of not knowing the technical jargon associated with making videos. Do you know your Premier from Final Cut, how to edit green screen footage or what is required in terms of experience to produce decent video? If the answer is no, then contact us to find out how we can make your video recruitment an altogether safer and economic affair.

consultancy and training

When you already have some facilities available to do your own filming, such as a DSLR and the odd light, you might need a guiding hand to point you in the right direction. We have several clients who get us in for the bigger jobs, but when it only requires a short interview or product review they are happy to film themselves. What they really need is a bit of experience to guide them on how to set up and record whilst getting rid of the snags that accompany any use of technology. Getting your workflow right and ensuring the settings are correct can save hours or even days in the edit suite. So why not talk to us about how we can set you on the right path with your own video production.