We are very excited to announce a new partnership with The Dorset Care Record to film their latest video concerning the consent options for the Dorset Care Record. We were awarded the tender against stiff competition at the end of last week and will begin filming as early as Monday next week.

As a young company, it is an amazing boost to our growth prospects to be working with organisations like the NHS. The project is an important part of their comms strategy and we are looking forward to working with some amazing people. In particular all the fabulous Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers and Hospital volunteers who will be helping us film this production.

Part of our remit as with any project within the NHS is to offer added value and innovation to the taxpayer. We have been working hard to come up with innovative solutions and look forward to announcing our solutions when the video goes live.

If you work in healthcare and want to know more about how we can help you work more efficiently then please contact us on 07920100948.