Would you like to know how to improve internal communications?

Compass Video can help you be more  engaging and deliver more results. Also, we can help you save money utilising digital media effectively in your training plans and internal communication campaigns.

Videos (or animations / motion infographics / software demonstrations) are the perfect medium for delivering your corporate messages, whether they be company changes and staff induction materials all the way through to company values, team building & training content.

Video presents an engaging opportunity to share vital messages and communicate in a more personal way than traditional internal communications. Delivering your messages through video content will;

  •  Your messages are more likely to be fully absorbed by your intended audience
  •  Your messages will be more effective as video can communicate in seconds what might have taken multiple paragraphs to write
  • You will reduce your carbon footprint and save money as video will eliminate the need for in-person training and meetings, reduce e-mails and FAQ’s and lower the number of printed documents
  • Video can deliver your internal training and staff inductions and can receive continuous updates and deliver consistent, quality, on message training
  • Your message will always be available for people to refer back to – email is often deleted and not read

From our experience we have highlighted a few examples that we have found quite effective when working with our clients:

CEO Messages –become a social CEO

Short, to the point and regular videos from the CEO offer many advantages over newsletters and e-mails as they help to build feelings of greater communication and openness across the business. These are often friendly, personable and inclusive and help to build a sense of transparency to encourage greater corporate loyalty and increase staff morale. Such a message could include:

  • New updates about current developments, performance and upcoming events
  • Changes in the marketplace that have implications on the business
  • Support and congratulate teams or staff

Business Newsletters – All staff emails are a thing of the past

Replacing an all staff email with an interview driven video or a business branded news reporter, can help to create an easy to understand breakdown of your business news – replacing pages of text with just a few minutes of film. These films can:

  • Keep everyone informed of changes in the business 
  • Deliver your weekly updates in a easily digestible and enjoyable format

Training & Education – Your staff will remember your training this time

Replacing in person training with video enables complex ideas to be easily understood. It is far cheaper to allow your teams to view training videos in their own time rather than paying to bring everyone to the same location for training. Your training will also deliver everything that you want, consistently, every time. You will also have the added bonus of reducing your carbon footprint. These videos can offer:

  • Upskilling of staff across the business
  • Opportunities for horizontal training – other employees giving tips about how they work more effectively
  • Cost savings over traditional training methods and an uptake in retention of information
  • An archive for future reference
  • Creating a bespoke Induction plan for new starters
  • Health and safety information
  • An overview of the business and its operations

Compass Video has worked with businesses of all sizes and we regularly help internal communications teams improve their output through video.  If you would like to find out how we can help you, please get in touch today.