Using video for your internal communications will save your company time, money and improve the performance your employees. Is there anything you would like to hear more than those words if you are an employee engagement manager, other than will you marry me or you have won the Lotto of course. Yes, we believe that if you start putting video at the heart of your internal communications procedures you will achieve all of this and more.

What is internal communication?

“Internal communication is the transmission of information between organizational members or parts of the organization. It takes place across all levels and organizational units of an organization.” How do you currently communicate within your organisation? Do you use text-based content, town hall meetings or do you not even bother and just expect people to remember their induction. Do you use video and if not, how and why should you be using it. How can it save you money and time? The keywords to remember here are “Internal” and “Communication”.


This is most likely to mean the content will not see the light of day or more precisely your customer, therefore the quality of production is not essential. Of course, you need to be careful what you say as the wrong thing may end up on Youtube and then the news (hear AOL CEO talking to employees and firing someone in the first minute). Getting a video production company into film a 4-minute talking head CEO is not the most cost-effective way of doing things unless you really are that big. We all have a mobile device that can be propped on a desk to keep it steady. Publishing that content is as easy as the click of a button. Bear in mind who is going to watch the video, are they worried about branding or do they care more about the message they are receiving being personal.


90% of our daily communication is done using non-verbal comms. This includes facial expressions, gestures, posture and even the clothes you are wearing. How can you get all of this done by asking someone to read an email? Do you write your content as if it is a novel describing every detail, no, using video allows you to see everything? The old saying “People buy from People” is very relevant here “People work for People”. Video lets you humanise your communications, if you can achieve this then you are going to increase the employee engagement with the content.


Mobile phone Delivery
With the advent of mobile technology, we no longer have to be at our desks or attending a meeting to know what is going on, we can all access information in whatever format from the palm of our hands. Your video can be delivered easily and for very little expense. You can spread your internal communications videos around in seconds, depending on what you chose to use.
  • Email
  • Online
  • Mobiles and tablets
  • Meetings and presentations
The joy of hosting your video content on a platform like Yammer or Youtube means it will also remain in play for quite a while. Unlike email which is usually deleted instantly, it can be found again.

Up and down the chain of command

I have talked about the CEO using video, but never forget we all have the power to film using our smartphones. This means you can get your staff to communicate up the chain of command in the same way. In the same way that user-generated content is brilliant at helping your marketing efforts so is staff-generated content. Run competitions internally to see who can create the best video. Merlin Entertainments recently ran a global competition to get staff thinking about health and safety. What a great way to engage with your staff and find out what really matters to them and let them express their feelings on the subject emotionally rather than just as a text report.

Types of internal video

There are many different ways to use video for your internal communications and it is important not to forget the options, so here is a list of video types to make it easy for you:
  • Company news
  • Changes to branding
  • Product updates
  • Corporate social responsibility news
  • Training
  • Induction
  • Health and Safety
  • What the future holds
The list could go on and on. So how will video save you time and money? Using video will save you time and money because you no longer have to hold meetings with large numbers of people. You can send out a video to your staff who can consume it anywhere and at any time. They don’t need to travel to a single one place and all the hassle that involves especially in today’s remote working world.
If you want to find out more about how video can save you time and money on your internal communications then please contact us now for a chat. We will do what we can to help make you look better and improve the engagement with your workforce.