Video is no longer the emerging trend in digital marketing, it is now the must have piece of content for all serious marketers. If you want to improve the engagement levels of your website creating video content is one of the best ways forward. There are of course so many types of video that can be created to help you achieve your goals. We like to think of the majority of them as sales tools. The trick is to create content that doesn’t scream buy me now. Content should guide you on a journey of education and understanding that enables your audience to find out as much as they want in their research phase before they contact you.

There are of course lots of different personas to consider when creating your video content, so before you start, try and understand a bit about your audience and how you can match the type of video you want to create to their particular foibles. Here are some of our chosen ones and what we think they respond best to in terms of video type.

  • The Detail/Methodical/Techie – who wants to know every detail of your product right down to how it was made, who made it and why
    • Product Demonstration Video – Product in action
    • Instructional video – How to use it
    • Creator Video/How it was made – The builder or designer
    • Assembly Video – Find out how to put it together before you have even brought it
    • Customer Stories – References from other people or companies in the same industry
    • Event or Forum video – Allowing them to embrace the product – Think Google I/O , Steve Jobs launching the IPad or iPhone

  • The Brand Fan – The passionate believer in your brand
    • Product Demonstration Video – Give them something to watch and share before release, and build momentum.
    • Brand Video – Building the story about your company and its beliefs
    • Employee Engagement Video for external viewing
    • Celebrity Endorsement – Keep reinforcing the brand and the type of person who uses it
    • Product Porn Video – Look at this iMac Pro from Apple and you will understand what I mean.

  • The Spontaneous – Fast movers who respond to emotional triggers but don’t expect them to use it all or watch the full product.
    • Customer stories – A quick check to see what others think of the product
    • Social Media Snippets – Short videos to grab attention on social media leading to the buy button
    • Product Porn – Keeping it short and concentrating on 2/3 benefits the product will give them
  • The Emotional
    • Customer Stories – How good is your customer service going to be
    • Customer Reviews – User generated content is perfect for these types of buyer
    • Brand Video – Have a tug at their heart strings with why your company is so great
    • CSR video – Show how much your company cares about the other stuff, any charity fundraising or community projects.

There are of course more types of persona to choose from but you can see from our list that the hardest to please is most likely to be the Detail person. So planning for your content should never be a short term thing. Think of the long game, consider building a library of content for different personas but also for different industries and verticals. One day you may be lucky enough to have content to fit all types of audience. In the short term consider who is your most important customer and target them.

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