sheppy's cider Tesco Announcement

News release and presentation video

Location: Sheppy’s Cider

Type of Project: News Release and presentation video

Visit Somerset requested Compass Video to attend and capture a momentous event for local cider supplier Sheppy’s. Tescos have agreed to list the cider in 400 of their stores around the country. With such a major announcement it makes sense to capture the event and the presentation by the owner of Sheppy’s for posterity on video. Compass Video filmed both a corporate news type video and filmed the presentation itself. If you are looking for a way to capture and spread news quickly then why not talk to us about our rapid response video coverage for your next event. As a small agency, we can move very quickly.

This is a great example of being able to move very quickly if you have something important that you want captured quickly on video. We can get a film crew to your event at very short notice and edit and publish the video within a day. Of course the more notice we have the better but there are ways to speed things up. One of which is to give us control of your YouTube channel so we can publish privately to your channel and once approved press the go-live button.

Alongside the official announcement video of the partnership with Tesco, the company also wanted to record the owner’s presentation alongside members of staff from Tesco. Compass Video combined a news release type video for publication to news outlets with a more relaxed video of the presentations. 

We know that PR is more likely to succeed when accompanied with a video because it creates engaging content for the news companies viewers. If however their audience has more time on their hand, viewers may want to watch the announcement in full to glean more information.