If you are looking to making a step change in your corporate comms to video then we have some evidence that may help you persuade you or your budget holder to get a wiggle on. As part of our own education we have spent hundreds of man-hours trying to understand just why video is the king of our castle and here we share it for your pleasure.

1. Keep Messaging Consistent

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Traditional Communication tools

Traditional communication methods, relied heavily on layers of management to deliver a message from the top to the bottom. The bigger the organisation the longer it took to deliver and the more inconsistent the message became. Using video for your communications means you can create the message once and know that it will remain the same whoever is watching and however it has been delivered. No longer a game of Chinese whispers, video lets you keep it consistent.

2. Increase Your Reach


Increase your reach
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Videos can be easily shared on a variety of channels, including email, websites, social media, in meetings and at events. Once you have spent the money creating the content distribution is virtually free. With clever use of social media and getting the video content and length right, it should be shared by your viewers around the globe. Depending on their own reach your video could reach thousands in minutes. Don’t forget you can continue to push your video for months or even years to come.

3. Create an Emotional Connection

The shortest distance between two people is a story and we think a story told on video is much more powerful than the written word. Ok, we are not competing with proper writing here but comparing video to text on websites or in newsletters. Being able to see body language, hear the tone of voice and gain more context we can create an emotional connection with the viewer. Once you make it emotional then you can build trust and gain loyalty. Think of your CSR attempts, how much better would they be if shared on video, so next time you do a charity run, record it on your mobile and see the reaction to the post.

4. Entertain while Educating

Video is the perfect medium for educating both your customers and workforce. Using video means you can deliver the same information repeatedly without it ever changing. This content can then be absorbed on any device at any time and using new technology you can even ensure it has been watched and therefore move the student onto the next step. Using video for training and inductions will help you reduce costs. Negating the need to gather your workforce in one place, finding a venue and the time available. Adding music and graphics to your video can make it more entertaining, check out “Dumb ways to die” a video by Metro Trains in Melbourne. What started out as a public safety message soon turned into a global viral entitiy spawning apps, games and annoyingly catchy tunes.

5. It’s a mobile-first world – think about the commute

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Don’t forget we all have smartphones now. In Singapore, they have more phones than people which is quite strange but a sign of things to come. Your customer and workforce can consume your content on the train commuting to work, at home in the bath but hopefully not in the car driving to work. Consider this when creating your content, don’t forget the phone may ring half way through so keep it short. In our busy lives, this sort of content consumption is fast becoming the norm. The majority of people open their emails on their phones so remember if you add video into a newsletter think about where they will open it. If they are on a tube train maybe the messaging needs to be subtitled or in graphics to cope with the noise. Always consider the audience.

If you need any more reasons to use video for your corporate communications then why not call us to book a meeting over coffee. We love coffee and we love comms so you might be on to a winner.