Video as a sales tool in the sales process

Let us assume your company has a team of sales people around the globe, these might be direct employees, partners or part of a distribution network. Whatever the channel they will all be required to deliver a “Pitch” of some sort to your end users. How can you be sure that they all deliver the same information, keeping on brand and most importantly never forgetting a key bit of information? In short, you can’t, this is virtually impossible and let’s be honest if you managed it your sales would dive because you have to allow personality to shine through in the sales process. Only the very best will be capable of delivering the perfect pitch every time. There is, however, a way forward that can assist your staff and ensure they deliver the right information to the right person, on brand, on message. You need to think about creating a set of tools that can back up your staff and ensure they have support at their fingertips when in front of their prospects. We think a video is this format and depending on the information you need to get across a bit of animation thrown into the mix can solve all your worries. Allow your sellers to build the relationship by force of their personality, then give them the power to deliver the correct information in an engaging way. This is especially pertinent when you have a complex proposition to explain. Video is the perfect tool to simplify complex information. Video allows you to include visual product demonstrations, facts and figures and of course bring some of your previous customers into the room with you. We have worked with companies in the past who rely on their distribution channel to complete complex sales involving detection of chemicals in oil fields and gas refineries. They always found it a struggle to complete the sale because some of their partners just said what they thought the customer wanted to hear. Having gained the prospects interest and asked for back up, the UK HQ staff found that something completely different had been sold. This can be a costly mistake both economically and reputation. As a result they commissioned a series of videos that the sales teams could take around the world either on a memory stick, online or on disc. The real joy of modern comms is that once you have created these tools, they don’t just need to be used at the face to face meeting. Video can be put to work 24 hours a day around the world at no extra cost.

Video Distribution is Free

You don’t have to pay a video to work, video doesn’t need to eat and drink. Once you have created your sales video, you can push it across all your channels and watch the fruits of your labour come home to roost. If you want to know how we can help improve your sales through the use of video then please give us a call.