Successful employee engagement is one of the dark arts of the business world. Known by few, hidden from many, it can, however, have the biggest impact on your staff and therefore your customer. We are lucky to have met a few of the more senior members of this select group recently and spent time finding out what makes them tick and what success looks like for them.

We believe good employee engagement is about understanding your workforce from the top to the bottom, in an attempt to create the best working environment for your staff. The majority of employee engagement programmes start with surveys as a way of gathering the information, once completed and the data mined for its richness, it is time to communicate the findings and put change into place. This is the hardest bit because you need to engage and inspire your audience and make them believe that this really will be good for them rather than just an exercise in corporate governance.

Engaging with employees is very similar to engaging with your customers, quite tricky to get their attention and keep it. That is where we believe video can help. As video platforms have grown and we all have access to our own video player in the form of a smartphone it has become the go-to content type for marketers and salespeople. Alongside this, social media enables us to share this content easily with others. Throw into the mix shortened attention spans and millennials who would far rather watch the moving image than reading something and it really is the best option to help you communicate with your workforce.

We were very excited to see video being used across the board at most of the firms we talked to. This included companies like, South West Trains, BT, SKY, Santander and Merlin Entertainments. Their use of video included messaging delivered across large companies with thousands of employees using interview type videos with the management that could then be spread across the company. The reverse is also true and some companies like Merlin let their staff get their hands dirty using their own mobile devices to create their own videos.

This is where we think we can help with your internal communication videos. Budgets are always tight and if it’s not for external consumption sometimes it is very tight indeed, so tight that it is non-existent. That is why we have created our YouTube series of smartphone video training episodes to help companies and individuals create better videos using their smartphones.

Getting time with the CEO of a large company and allowing a full film crew into his office can be tougher than invading Russia. So why not train the boss with a few simple tips to use his own phone to make a video that can be shared across the whole company. Employees will understand how it is filmed and will only ever be watched once or twice by each person, it is not like we are filming Star Wars here.

With a few key purchases such as a light, tripod and the headset that comes with the phone you can create something worth sharing. We estimate a budget of £100 will give you a tool that can be used across the company for internal content creation.

So come on why not talk to us about how we can help with your internal communications and train your team on how to use their smartphones properly.