Today we were booked to attend a customer feedback event for a client in the north of England. This was more of a forum than your traditional corporate event, with a round table setting. Our customer informing their clients of what’s’ happening to their product and giving their client’s the chance to give their feedback directly to the horse’s mouth, as it were.

It is always good to see companies getting feedback from their customer, for me, it is about showing you care what they think. Why were we there you ask? Well as part of this customer feedback project we were asked to capture their thoughts on camera. As with all information these days, sometimes the written word is not enough so video can come in really handy to increase the impact and allow the viewer to absorb the information in a much more personal way. Video allows you to see the customers expressions, hand movements and above all their sincerity and passion. You can pick up so much more information from a video than just audio or text.

The videos we created will be for internal use only. That much was made clear to client’s before they agreed to take part. With this covered, it is easier to get more feedback because your clients are not worried about suddenly cropping up on YouTube. They can relax in front of the camera and get stuck into what they believe in. It becomes a personal conversation between interviewer and client, if the interviewer is good then they can draw out what they want and then consume it at their leisure.

Customer feedback gathered using video can then be shown around the parent organisation at meetings and one to one sessions. The next time you are considering a presentation for the board to show how your customers feel why not consider capturing it on film. Powerpoint can lose an audience in seconds, video can draw them in and let them see the faceless customer who has suddenly been brought to life in front of their very eyes.

Why not work with us to change the way you present to your teams or your boss and the board. For relatively little budget we can come to your event and quietly gather personal feedback from your customers on video that will have so much more value than a vaguely recollected conversation.

Thank you for reading, if you want to find out more about how we can help you with your internal communications and customer feedback then use the contact form provided.