Now is the time to create Engaging Motion Infographic Animation to keep in touch with your audience

Auditory, visual and sensorial means are the three ways we process information, with visual being the most effective. The human brain can process an image quicker than the written word and we memorise images far easier than words. Combining difficult and complex information in an easily digestible visual way is exactly what motion infographics were invented for. A Motion Infographic Animation hits all these points by delivering a fun, engaging animation to view, enjoyable music and voice overs to hear and an emotion driven story for you the feel.

We have been busy producing Motion Infographic Animation for our friends at the Dorset Care Record creating content to help promote the fantastic work they have been doing.  The content helped the Dorset Care Record deliver a lot of important data in a visual and engaging way. 

Animated infographics are;

Shareable – A quality infographic will be instantly shared via social channels such as Facebook and twitter and increase the reach of your campaign.

Easy to read – The in-depth, complex information is broken down into easy to read visual animation. 

User Friendly – Your data is presented in a way that people want it presented to them On brand – Your brand is promoted and your message is delivered without ‘ramming’ the point home to your audience, increasing your brand profile.

Memorable – People digest and remember visual stimulation far easier than written. On social media timelines, attention is grabbed far easier with video than image.

When it comes to getting more traffic to your website, pay attention to your audience and create original and engaging content that appeals to them.  Look for places on your own site where you can make information more engaging by using visuals. You can find out more about the importance of creating engaging content by reading our post about E.A.T and Y.M.Y.L