4 years ago, we uploaded a blog about Our Top 5 Talking Head Corporate videos and now we’re back, with an updated list of 3 more Talking Head Corporate videos we think are brilliant.

Talking Head videos, also known as a ‘Piece-to-camera’, are simply named because they show one person clearly delivering information. Talking Heads bring you face-to-face with your audience, and when done right can add authority and credibility to a video.

Many companies have benefitted from using talking head videos, they can be made into; Customer Testimonials, Customer Referencing, Recruitment, Customer Advocacy, Internal Communication, Training, Promotion and Thought Leadership, to name a few. They are a tried and tested corporate style that effectively delivers your message to your target audience. It is also a format that generally delivered a return on your investment and makes a meaningful difference to your business. Contact us to discuss your next top talking head video.  

 Just for fun, here are our top talking head video playlist.

Top tips for improving your talking head videos

  1. Think Background – make it relevant but not distracting. 
  2. Keep it interesting with .. Action! Showing what you do can help make talking head videos more exciting and concise.  
  3. Plan what you’re going to say – you want to seem knowledgeable so plan it out, practice it a couple of times and film it a few times too.  
  4. Eyeline – Are you addressing the audience directly or speaking to somebody just off-screen? Each has its benefits, experiment with both to see which suits your purposes best. 
  5. CONFIDENCE – Practise and preparation are key!


Now you have everything you need to make your own Talking head videos!

Think your project is too big to do in-house? Let us help!