Top Tips for social media video content 

The ever-changing content marketing landscape means that you can not afford to rely solely on photography to get the attention of your audience anymore. YouTube is the internet’s second biggest search engine and Facebook has said that the site will be mostly video within 5 years. We understand that not everyone has the budget to hire a video production company and creating a video can seem intimidating. So we have created a smartphone filming training course to help people learn the skills to create their own social media video content. If you would like to attend a course after the world gets going again contact us today and we will keep you updated.

For now to go alongside our Interview Tips – We have made our Top Tips for social media video content.

1 – Lighting

Good lighting is as important for video as it is for photography. Avoid places that have strong shadows or vastly changing lighting conditions depending on when the sun is out or not. If you have a desk lamp or can afford to purchase a cheap LED light then we highly recommend using it. Good lighting makes all the difference to a video.

2 – Camera

Have you found out how to record video with your smartphone? You can make amazing videos as long as you work within the limitations of your phone. Remember to ensure your battery is charged, you have enough space, the phone is turned on its side (horizontally) and do not use the selfie camera. You can then use apps like iMovie or YouCut to edit your video footage within your phone.

3 – Sound

Audio is almost always forgotten about when anyone first tries to make a video. Using an external microphone gives you more control over your audio and will help you improve its quality. You can use your phones hands-free headphones (if your phone came with one) as this has a microphone in it and will help improve your audio

4 – Music

Music can help lift a video but copyright is a minefield and we recommend not to use any on your homemade marketing videos. We can help you understand the issues surrounding music, contact us today and we can chat about it.

5 – Editing Software

As mentioned above you can edit your video in your phone using apps like iMovie or YouCut. You can also use free software like HitFilm Express to help lift the quality of your final video. Watch tutorials and learn how to use the software, it will help with your enjoyment of the process.

I hope this helps, it takes time and practice and you can make your own social media marketing videos. If you need any further support with making your own content, we will be happy to help. Get in touch with Compass Video today.