As you must be aware by now, most of us carry a pretty serious piece of camera equipment in your pocket. That is unless you are worried about the gamma rays and Bluetooth frying your innards. Your smartphone gives you access to a load of features unimaginable even a couple of years ago. These include 4k cameras, built in light, microphone, apps to let you lock the exposure and aperture value.

Each time there is a new release of a smartphone whether it be on the Apple or Android platform the camera seems to be the biggest improvement as far as features go. Faster processors, bigger memory etc are irrelevant when it comes to video and photographic capabilities. The world of smartphone design seems to have come to a stop when it comes to imagining new functionality unless you count waterproofing of course. So what should you be doing with this new found power in your pocket?

Well, we think it should be to put your imagination into overdrive and start to create quality content using your smartphone. What are your current plans when faced with an extremely happy or satisfied customer. Do you ask them for a review on Google, Trip Advisor etc. Do you ask them for some kind words in an email or should you whip out your smartphone and record their feelings while they are fresh.

Of course, you should. At a networking group this morning it surprised me how many faces lit up when I mentioned the idea of just pulling out your smartphone and videoing customers. Relying on your website visitors to read through all the text on your website is so old school. Especially with the advent of the millennial generation who have some serious buying power but not much stickiness when it comes to text.

Just whipping out your phone can get you good results but why not take it a step further and invest in some kit and a little bit of training if you have the budget. The internet gives you access to some really cool kit to improve the quality of your smartphone videos. For as little as £100 you can add a tripod, light and microphone to your kit list. Giving you a ready-made film studio that is incredibly portable and easy to set up. This is why we are offering two new dates for our smartphone training courses in April and May.

 Not only have we the experience to show you how to make the most out of your smartphone. We have also spent a lot of time understanding the range of apps and software that can be downloaded to make your life easier. This includes a selection of apps that will replace the creative cloud at no extra cost. You don’t even need to be that much of a whizz kid to make your own videos. From filming to editing we can show you the way. So why not give us a call to find out more.