In this blog, we want to share with you a Top 5 Talking Head Videos list of 5 corporate videos that feature talking heads that we think are great

Probably the oldest format of a corporate video is to have one person talking directly to the camera without any other footage at all, commonly known as talking head videos. These can be really stale if the information is not engaging and it goes on too long.

Yes, it is an old way of doing things but video has developed a long way since then and that is where we come in. Using the talking head to tell a story that is backed up by B-roll to enhance the visual engagement plus some upbeat music will increase engagement tenfold. Enjoy our Top 5 Talking Head Videos list.

No 1 – Shopify UNITE : Mobilizing Entrepreneurship

UNITE : Mobilizing Entrepreneurship


No 2 – Risual Corporate Video



No 3 – Atlassian staff talk about company culture



No 4 – Vitacress talk about how LED lighting is changing the business


Heliospectra and Vitacress Ltd - Increasing Shelf Life and Negating Chill Damage of Basil


No 5 – Law firm Taylor Wessing use O365


Taylor Wessing utilises the unrivalled security of Microsoft Azure



Top tips for improving your talking head videos

  1. Use two cameras – offering different viewpoints
  2. Combine the talking head with B-roll footage gathered around the workplace
  3. Add in animation when the talking head delivers figures or interesting stats
  4. Vary the focus
  5. Use multiple speakers so you aren’t stuck with a single point of view

Using Multiple Talking Heads in Your Video

  Point number 5 opens the door for us in terms of increasing engagement and it’s not just about the audience. Using your staff to tell the company story or their own story gives them a level of ownership of the brand. When you deliver a corporate message just using the C-suite you create a disconnect between the customer and the people at ground zero who will be delivering your product or service directly to the end user. If you can empower them to get involved in the marketing then you do two things: 1. Build trust with your employees, encouraging them to stay at your company because they feel like part of the solution. 2. You give your company a more human face, as opposed to just a brand logo and a CEO. People buy from people, it is a saying as old as the world and using video means you can boost this proposition. If you want to find out more about how we can help you create your next corporate video in any style then call us for a coffee.