Compass Video can help you ‘Upskill your Staff or Team’ and create your own content

Compass Video regularly deliver Smartphone Video Training workshops.  We also offer YouTube Channel Management, Open Source Software tutorials (how to edit video and images) and Business Storytelling. There has never been a more important time to upskill and train your staff or team.

As we all begin to return to work, training your staff to create emotion driven, engaging content that can be used to inform staff through internal communications, advertise a product or just keeping in touch with your clients, has never been more important. The benefits of upskilling your staff:

Staff Retention

If your company works to retain employees, it will prove that you are investing in the people, which is sure to boost morale and productivity. Employees who are challenged to grow outside of their roles tend to get excited about what they are doing and what they could do next.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy staff means you are far more likely to have happy customers. Staff who are happy, are often more invested, they will work harder to promote the business. The additional bonus is that, happy customers tend to be loyal customers as well.

Your Bottom Line

It is more expensive to replace good members of your team than to retain existing staff members. You are losing the investment you made in the current individual, not just because of any talent development you paid for, but also because when that individual leaves, they take all their knowledge and experience with them. You will also have to pay to re hire, re train and allow time for the new starter to ‘bed into’ the role. If the lost member of the team was ‘popular’, moral in the business will take a nose dive. Disgruntled employees might even take to social media leading to negative publicity about your business. Simply losing one employee can be a hit on the bottom line.

We have recently worked with Old Mill to help train team members to create ‘Thought Leadership’ Vlogs and how to Edit Video Content using freely available Open Source Software.