Yes it’s nearly Christmas, well call it 30 days away from today. The big retailers have churned out their annual advert in the hope of attracting the most attention. We thought we would line some of the better ones up against their 2015 counterparts, so take your time and get into the spirit of Christmas by clicking on a few of the videos below.

The most famous of the lot seems to be the John lewis advert that generates a lot of engagement each year on social media. What made this year more special for me was not the advert with all the bouncing vermin but the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump John Lewis Christmas Ad by At only 54k views on Youtube, you would be forgiven for thinking it a flash in the pan. Now however, have a look at the numbers on Facebook 94,000,000 views so far and it’s only a couple of days old. Now that is virality, plus it still has the John Lewis brand name on it. Well done John lewis.

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