Are you tired of the Powerpoint pitch that you bring out at every sales meeting? It is not just you, quite often the mere site of one can put your prospects off before you have even started. No matter how advanced your presentation skills and gifts with your favourite animations or transitions, Powerpoint has the ability to send even the keenest prospect to sleep.
That is why we were invited to come up with an alternative solution to the sales pitch. We chose an animated infographic or motion infographic depending on what you would like to call it. The key to this solution is being able to translate your 5-6 minute pitch into a two minute educational journey that will engage with your prospects brain functions on several levels. By combining entertaining visuals with succinct facts and invigorating music we can ensure that every part of your client is stimulated.
At Compass Video we take pride in understanding our clients businesses by digging deeply into your own literature, content and more importantly talking to your sales teams to understand what they thinks resonates best with clients. Once we have gathered enough information, we can begin to sift it through our filters to bring out the important information and remove any excess waffle.

Once we have the first draft of the script agreed, we begin to craft it into a story by building a storyboard that shows the benefits of your company or product in a structured order. It is only then that we engage our gifted animators and design team to start bringing it to life.
As you can see from this example, the benefits of Constructionline’s platform are clearly demonstrated to both buyer and supplier. The brief stipulated that the animation had to work without a voiceover, making it that much more complicated. We hope you agree that it works on many levels and our client is certainly happy with the result. The animation was recently played as the opening piece for their Meet the Buyer event at Twickenham Rugby Stadium in London.
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