Today, we are in sunny Frome in Somerset delivering a training course to the communications team from Downs Syndrome Organisation. The aim is to help them produce their own video content on a budget. An added bonus is they now understand how to talk to professionals when creating high end video. The sort of things they should be thinking about in terms of lighting, sound and setting the right scene. We have a mix of phones, including I phones, Windows and Android to chose from, so luckily we have solutions for them all.

By the end of the day, the team should be able to plan, film and edit their own videos using our recommended apps and software. We recommend HitFilmExpress as the editing suite when you have some spare time on your hands. If not we have found a great little app on Android that lets you edit using just your mobile phone. You can add titles, music and even emojii’s all inside your phone. As a result, I filmed this short video announcing the new dates on my phone and edited it using YouCut.

We are really pleased to announce a new date for our smartphone training. On the 12th June 2018 we will be running a full day mobile phone video training for business at Compass Video HQ in Dorset. If you want to find out more about creating videos for your business then give us a call or use the contact form provided to book onto the next course.

Smartphone Video Training 12th June 2018 Dorset

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