We have recently noticed an update to the video functionality on Linkedin when using the mobile app. As usual, Linkedin seems slightly behind the curve on these things, but they are finally catching up. Yes, it a B2B platform and shouldn’t require the need for bunny ears or face swap but to be able to add a little bit of text is a welcome option. Why? well if you want to grab people’s attention with a talking head video, when they click the video on their Linkedin feed the sound doesn’t come on so why not add a little text and an image to capture attention.

We wanted to share these new tools with you so we have filmed a quick video on our smartphones to show you how it works. All of the filming and editing was done on our smartphones so bear with the audio. We are quite impressed with the end product and hope you enjoy it.

What are the new Linkedin video features?


You can now add text to your video and move the text around the screen so it doesn’t cover your face. There are no special functions here like adding text at a certain moment but its a start. You can also choose from normal text to 3D text. Then just drag it with your finger.


Linkedin has called them filters but they are not like the ones on Instagram. These are more like images with a title. The one we have chosen to use is “How to”.

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