Last week we attended the Visit Somerset Digital Festival on the pier at Weston Super-Mare. Compass Video was invited by the organisation to give a talk about how to use digital to tell and share your business stories. As well as talking and having a stand we had also been commissioned to film each speaker and create a promotional video for Visit Somerset.

With the help of the wonderful students from Weston College, the footage from every camera has been through the edit suite to make 9 videos totalling some 3.5 hours worth of presentations from some of the South West’s leading companies and us of course.

It is always slightly embarrassing seeing and hearing yourself in action but thankfully the editing team have done a wonderful job. On that note, If you are looking for a speaker at your next digital conference or event, watch James’s presentation and see if he fits the bill. The talk featured examples of great business storytelling, for example how Microsoft sell Skype for Business by showing how it can save lives. Members of the audience provided live examples of stories in their own businesses like the Grownup Marshmallow Company. Trying to keep the talk as interactive as possible is always a challenge but the audience here were ready to engage and helped us along. We hope the talk was useful.

We have created a single promotional video of the event featuring each of the speakers and the hosts, John Turner and Jenna Yhearn from Visit Somerset talking about the day and using Broll captured around the pier on the day to bring it to life. There are also Youtube cards pointing you in the direction of that speaker’s presentation and at the end of each video is a call to action to watch the next presentation.

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