As you may have read in the previous post we attedned Enterprise Nation’s Startup 2017 event in London as advisers. The day was a great success from our point of view and I would like to share with you the story behind the day. We were invited to join the adviser zone at KPMG HQ in London’s Canary Wharf, needless to say we jumped at the chance.

Enterprise Nation run these annual events as a chance for entrepeurs, start ups and people with big dreams to come and find out as much as they can in one day from a series of seminars and expert advisers. The seminars included Facebook, Google and KPMG to name a few not so small brands in attendance.

Prior to the event attendees were allowed to sign up to half hour sessions with us in our very own office in the KPMG building. The event was attended by around 1,500 people so very popular for a Saturday. We were almost fully booked thorugh the day and our client’s included a mix of startup, established businesses and a couple of people just thinking of venturing into their own thing.

The need to use video to help grow your business has become an obvious one, the problem with most SME’s is the lack of budget to get things going. This is why we decided, instead of telling people how great we were and showing off our work we decided to share our knowledge with them instead. We would like to thank some of our visitors for spending time with us especially the lovely ladies from their own fashion label and Charlie Baker who make exceptional travel bags and other goods.

These days we all carry a movie making studio in our pockets in the form of your smart phone. With the correct apps and a tiny budget for useful bits of kit you can start to make high quality videos with just your phone and a little insider knowledge. So we planned the day around half hour lessons in how to make the most out of your smartphone. We included some of the kit we have recently brought including mics, lights and different tripods.

Probably the most important part to this is what free apps can help you when filming and editing. It was actually great fun for us to do the research on this by making our own mobile videos and testing each piece of kit and app so we could share the experience. As a result of this research we came up with the plan to make these tests into an actual series that would be helpful to our clients and any SME looking to make videos on a budget.

We are continually building on this series of “how to make professional videos with your mobile phone” and should be able to release the first batch in the next month. This is a very exciting time for us and has now seen us increase our offering to companies as training for their staff who want to increase their use of video as a communication tool.

If you are interested in finding out more why not give us a call and se how we can help you with both big budget and when you need something fast and slick. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our training videos as well.

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