When you don’t need a Video Script

When planning your corporate video it is important to decide if you need a script written out in advance. We believe there are occasions when it is vital and other times when a written script will detract from the purpose of the video.

For the purpose of this blog, I want to talk about when and why you would not want a script. The first instance is when you are creating a customer story or video testimonial. The purpose of this type of video is to let your customer do the selling and explaining why the audience should choose your business.

Trust comes from Authenticity

What is vital is for this to be believable to the audience, to build the required trust the story has to be authentic. If the protagonist is reading from a script this comes across in many ways. One of which is when using a prompt device, you can see the speakers eyes move across the screen. If they have rehearsed the script beforehand the delivery becomes wooden because the speaker is concentrating on getting it word for word.

We like to create a relaxed atmosphere, we will help drive the story with questions that guide the answers we would like to hear. The majority of people you ask to make one of these videos are experts with their product and the story behind it. They probably say these words every day of their lives. If you can get the speaker to relax and think they are just talking to the interviewer rather than a camera, everything should align perfectly.

What about Storyboarding?

It is worth pointing out that I am not dismissing storyboarding in any way. This is a completely different aspect of making a film or video and should always be used to guide the process. What we want to concentrate on here is the authenticity of delivery for the end audience.

Another moment when you shouldn’t rely on a script is when you are vlogging. Yes, you can do multiple takes but for it to be interesting you should leave a little room for error because it is more like a conversation than just reading the words. People buy from people and unless you are an actor they need to believe you are real and engaging and have a personality.

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